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We support companies in creating and building a strong and recognisable brand identity.
Maintaining the right coherence with the company’s values and needs, we aim for effective recognisability through the study and development of the naming, logo, slogan and visual identity.

Packaging – Labels


Design and development behind the restyling of labels for the entire Schweppes range, intent on strengthening the brand identity and modernising the packaging.

Logo & Brand identity


Production and realisation of the corporate image for this holding company in the high-profile hôtellerie sector. Custom-made lettering and slogan development.

Logo & Brand identity


Restyling of the corporate logo, development of the creative concept and realisation of the entire corporate image for this leading Swiss company in the realm of pharmaceutical logistics. Production of an institutional video, with a mix of shot segments and graphics.

Logo & Brand identity


Development and realisation of the entire corporate image plus logo for this supplementary health care organisation in the Commerce, Tourism, Services and related sectors.
Karisma Communication Work Brand Identity F2A

Logo & Brand identity


Study, development and realisation of the new brand identity for this company operating in the Finance and Administration fields. Starting with the naming study, this activity continued with the development of the logo, the slogan and the corporate image as a whole.

Logo & Brand identity


Study and development of the naming, slogan and logo design for the hotel management company Aries Group, specialising in hotels and resorts.